flashback friday! me in 1976

Yay!Flashback Friday again….
I am sure that if dad were in this photo, it would be the right era for him to have had a packet of smokes up the sleeve of his tshirt, and he probably had big sideburns as well. Mum would have had gorgeous long brown hair.
This is a photo of me back in 1976. What a round little face! So cute! (even if I do say so myself…). Funny how you can still see yourself, even in older photos like these… I don’t know that my face has actually changed all that much! I guess when I think about it, it is not so surprising that I have such a love of sunshine and being outside. This photo was one of many photos taken at various barbeques with loads of mum and dad’s friends about.
Do you have experiences from when you were very young that you think may have shaped who you are?
Oops! Roll call… other flashbackers include:

7 thoughts on “flashback friday! me in 1976

  1. as I have said in comments elsewhere the thought of showing old photos of me is not something I am thrilled by – although baby photos are different I guess! Thanks for calling by – Mary

  2. Doesn’t that pram look like a death trap?? I was born in 1975 & as the 4th child, in our 5 seater car, pretty sure i was tossed in a cane bassinette on the parcel shelf. Can you imagine?? Now as a mother of 4 children, i have spent most of my parenthood strapping in seatbelts. Down to only one car seat now & he buckles himself in, sigh. Love Posie

  3. Love your photo. I’ve just joined the Flashback Friday group too.I love the old pram. I can remember my grandmother buying me one at an auction for my doll, I thought I was a mother. Look forward to checking in with you again next Friday.

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