the bird mobile… completed!

Hoping everyone has had a beautiful week. We had a rough ol’ week in this house last week, but life goes on…

So, I finished off the bird mobile on the weekend, and so wanted of course to give you all the progress update. Here ’tis:

(more pics on my flickr)

I found the threading much more difficult than I had ever imagined (!) as I had to get the entry and exit points “just right” to get the birds to “sit” properly. I am also not particularly thrilled with the black thread… I was thinking of fishing wire but didn’t know that there was enough weight on the thread to keep fishing wire straight. Any ideas very much welcomed!!!

I love how they move… the birds seem to be bobbing their little heads up and down… I must admit I was thrilled with this result!

The mobile was a great hit with the recipients as well… even the grandparents gushed, which made all of it incredibly worthwhile (of course giving a handmade gift always is extremely rewarding!).

Hoping you have a gorgeous, wonderful week. I will promise to pop back in and let you know about the Melbourne craft fair which was a great source of inspiration, but not now… later!

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