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boob man
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Well, our little man has had a bit of a rough start…. after some shocking jaundice which made him look all prepared for a physie performance and made him the sleepiest baby in Melbourne, he lost the ability to breastfeed. Poor little man. But he still loves the cuddles.

One maternal & child health nurse and two lactation consultants later we are on a strict three hourly regime of:
1. wake little man for a feed
2. change nappy
3. if he woke himself, offer him the breat… if not, offer him expressed breast milk from bottle with tricky teat (takes about an hour for just under 100mLs). aim for six 150mL feeds per day…
4. burp, talk, play
5. settle
6. express next feed
7. use next 15-20 minute window to do something productive, like eat breakfast, go to the toilet, call a friend, do a blogpost…

No wonder there is no sewing, cleaning, gourmet cooking, anything much being done in this house at the moment!

He is such a precious little man, and has started looking deep into our eyes which just about makes my heart explode! Am sure there are some smiles starting too…

James Brown the pug meanwhile has a shocking throat infection so has been hacking up a lung for the past fortnight and is a very unhappy little dog. That is, excepting when I spray breastmilk across the room (accidentally people, this is not an attempt at design) and he suddenly has boundless energy to tear across the room to lick it up. Erk.

Hope you and those you love are well and happy xo

3 thoughts on “what i’ve been up to…

  1. Deep eye stares are wonderful, lucky you! Sorry to hear about the feeding troubles. It probably doesn’t feel like it but you guys will work it out eventually! It’s great that you’ve sought out the professionals, they were an amazing help to me.

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