Shake it off

Hi again!

Thanks for popping by, after my last post I wasn’t sure anyone would pop their head in again!

Anyhoo, as it would happen, I have been working on a secret stitchy project for a certain tween in my life. I’m not much of a stitcher, but I thought it was worth a try?

I hope it’s going to turn out okay. I’m only part way through, but it did occur to me after last post that perhaps I should take a bit of my own stitchy advice…

So, here I am. Last day of school holidays today, freezing, wet, boys now snuggling up to watch a movie in our temporary lounge room (Mr Pickles’ and my bedroom). Feeling okay about the assault on the senses that is coming tomorrow.

We have a terribly windy day at home today, and cold. I salute those of you who live in places with snow. Extremely grateful today that we ‘re just dealing with rain and wind – at least we don’t have to dig our way out in the morning.

Chat again soon,

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