Beauty in the small stuff

vegemite and captain america

It’s everywhere. The stuff with kids. You know, the Lego guy on the toilet floor, the captain America on the kitchen bench, the countless textas (markers) and bits of paper…

I’m trying to find some joy (as opposed to frustration) here. Amongst the abandoned undies, the toast crusts, the teddy bear in the middle of the hallway.

This is not about hoarding, or needing to declare some sort of pledge about no more stuff. This is about me learning to accept that this is the way of life with three beautiful but incredibly busy (read:messy) boys.


So bear with me for a while lovely people, I’m trying to convince myself it’s not all bad. And I’m trying to do that through photos. Which I’ll probably share here. Exciting times, no?

Hope you and yours are well and happy. 

Chat soon xo

2 thoughts on “Beauty in the small stuff

  1. I drove by an add a few days ago with a cute baby unrolling all the tp. I don’t what the add was for but I have to re-roll toilet paper 3 times a week and it is not cute or nostalgic, it’s annoying! And I almost cut my foot on a dinosaur today ….. If you find the secret to loving mess, please share your insights….

    • Haha! This is definitely a work in progress for me! Went into their shared bedroom this afternoon (after cleaning up this morning) and I swear there was No Floor. Breathe in, breathe out. The toilet paper thing does my head in too… I’ll let you know if I have a breakthrough xx

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