Another baby on the way

Before leap to crazy conclusions, no, not ours, but just as worthy of celebration. This baby is coming to some dear friends of ours who have been walking a terribly difficult road. We are so incredibly happy for them, to be so close to meeting their third precious bundle. 

I am working on something for bub’s arrival, but tomorrow I am catching up with the woman-who-is-growing-a-whole-person (even when she’s sleeping, she’s still busy). And I had to be able to give her something

So here it is:


My first ever beanie! This was such a straightforward crochet job.

I just made up a ribbed rectangle, stitched a seam up the back and gathered the top. But it looks cute. And will grow with the bub, too, because of the ribbing.

Yay! Armed with this and a tray of brownies tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a welcome visitor.

Hope you and yours are well.

Chat soon xo

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