Shhh! Secret crochet project

Shhh! Secret crochet project


I’m madly crocheting at the moment, and following a pattern (!). It’s a bit of a cheeky secret gift for someone. It’s pretty.


It’s just an acrylic Panda yarn, but the colours are lovely.

I got the pattern on ravelry, from Naturally Nora (a very productive crochet pattern maker) here. It’s gorgeous. This one is a little more “far out” because of my yarn choice.

Much of my first night was spent ripping rows I somehow stuffed up, but now I’m on my way there is no looking back. I have just five to six more rows to go and then I’ll be adding some plain wooden toggles. But no telling, it’s a secret.

I’m sure many of you out there are expert hook wielders…. what pattern/project/tutorial can you recommend for someone who is really just starting out?

Chat soon xx

Shake it off

Hi again!

Thanks for popping by, after my last post I wasn’t sure anyone would pop their head in again!

Anyhoo, as it would happen, I have been working on a secret stitchy project for a certain tween in my life. I’m not much of a stitcher, but I thought it was worth a try?

I hope it’s going to turn out okay. I’m only part way through, but it did occur to me after last post that perhaps I should take a bit of my own stitchy advice…

So, here I am. Last day of school holidays today, freezing, wet, boys now snuggling up to watch a movie in our temporary lounge room (Mr Pickles’ and my bedroom). Feeling okay about the assault on the senses that is coming tomorrow.

We have a terribly windy day at home today, and cold. I salute those of you who live in places with snow. Extremely grateful today that we ‘re just dealing with rain and wind – at least we don’t have to dig our way out in the morning.

Chat again soon,

Taking mistakes and turning them into something good.

Hi there!

I made another crocheted basket the other day. It didn’t work out. Not sure what I was thinking about when I did it, but I definitely wasn’t counting stitches! The bottom was a mess. It was so bad, I didn’t even take any photos. A rare event in this place (that is, not taking a photo is rare! crafting mishaps are much less rare!)

Last night, in the midst of a declutter frenzy, I picked it up. Thought about throwing it in the bin, but I really loved that yarn. Thought about unravelling it and starting again, but my heart sank. Then i realised. Turn it upside down and Voila! Beanie.



A bit of a strange shape still, but the recipient doesn’t care. 24 degrees here and Baby’s still wearing his “special hat”. Love him.

Please tell me I’m not the only one resisting chucking crafty accidents in the bin?

Chat soon xx20150114-224454-81894367.jpg

Offering the present moment

I could spend an hour writing about my Christmas, the family gatherings, the food, the homemade gifts, etc… but the family and friend gatherings continue here – lots of sitting, drinking red wine, chatting about past, present future.

So instead, here’s an offering of my present. Yes, another crocheted vessel in progress. I have no idea what this yarn is, but it feels like a cotton / linen.
Perhaps you might know??

Happy crafting, chat soon xx


Successful small kid craft!

Successful small kid craft!

Yay! Sometimes kid crafts don’t work out here. But this one did! It’s tough for a crafty activity to suit us – we span a bit of an age range: 2, 4, 6 years. A big range developmentally speaking. So finding one Chrissie craft to suit everyone can be a touch tricky…

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Painting in the garden

Painting in the garden

There’s something about painting outside with kids, being outdoors, soaking up the autumn sunshine, and then of course there’s the freedom of being able to paint just about anything.

This paint would have to be my favourite – it’s just yoghurt and food colouring. Be aware that food colouring stains! So this is not for the faint hearted. Add to that the properties of yoghurt encouraging moss growth… This is not paint the boys are allowed to use on the house.
But they can and do paint just about everything else. Little loves painting, but at the moment he is particularly interested in colour mixing, so we spent a lot of our time outside doing just that.

Love our outdoor lazy days when we can just do as we like and take things slooooow.
Chat soon xx