Shhh! Secret crochet project

Shhh! Secret crochet project


I’m madly crocheting at the moment, and following a pattern (!). It’s a bit of a cheeky secret gift for someone. It’s pretty.


It’s just an acrylic Panda yarn, but the colours are lovely.

I got the pattern on ravelry, from Naturally Nora (a very productive crochet pattern maker) here. It’s gorgeous. This one is a little more “far out” because of my yarn choice.

Much of my first night was spent ripping rows I somehow stuffed up, but now I’m on my way there is no looking back. I have just five to six more rows to go and then I’ll be adding some plain wooden toggles. But no telling, it’s a secret.

I’m sure many of you out there are expert hook wielders…. what pattern/project/tutorial can you recommend for someone who is really just starting out?

Chat soon xx

After the baking…

Comes the clean up, I know! But as well, there’s the labelling of baked goodies. Which is an opportunity for more crafty adventures!

We have a lovely group of local village peeps in my little area, who meet once a month to chat, craft, and taste test So Much Incredible Baking! A gorgeous group of women who I had the great fortune of meeting when we took the plunge and moved to the country. I feel so lucky! Anyhoo, today I didn’t bring yarn along, but instead focussed on label making.

Credit where credit is due, I completely stole the idea from nana company – a beautiful, beautiful blog.

I’m really pleased with how the card with the pinecone fabric turned out. Not so much by the red label, but it’s still cheerful, and lets people know what they’re eating. Job done!

I hope you’re having a lovely time this festive season? We’re getting into the celebrations with the kidlets, who I think are now all just the perfect age to really get into the magic of Christmas.

Chat soon xx

Christmas baking

Hi there! How are you?

We’re all well here, the crew’s just plodding along. I have been wearing my new dress absolutely every chance I get – loving it with the warmer weather here. And loving the satisfied glow I get from wearing something I made. In public. (As opposed to me-made saggy pj pants, which offer me no glow at all).

We’ve been busily baking up a Christmas-flavoured storm!

Cranberry and pistachio biscotti were first cab off the rank this morning (yummo!).

Little was my helper this morning, and got in some practise cracking eggs and using the wooden spoon. And staring at the unbaked goods queuing for oven space. Love that kid.

We also made spiced chocolate biscotti, dark chocolate almonds, choc dipped marshmallows and a hot chocolate (cocoa) mix. A productive day all round!

Next bakes: macadamia brittle, some form of fudge or brownie, gingerbread!

Think I’ll be spending a bit more time with my dear friend the mixmaster over the next few days.

Recipes can be found here:

Cranberry and pistachio biscotti: Shugary Sweets

Choc almonds: (easiest Chrissie bake ever!) melt dark chocolate in a double boiler, chuck in some roasted almonds, stir until the almonds are coated in chocolate, tip onto a lined baking tray until the chocolate has hardened again, snap into perfect little mouthfuls.

Spiced choc biscotti comes from an old magazine recipe, so I’ll post it next time.

Do you have a favourite Christmas bake?

Happy baking, whatever the reason at your place!

Chat soon xx

Unicorns, castles and stars (oh my)

A sneak peek of a present I am making for the daughter of a friend of mine. This little girl is really into unicorns, so when I found a unicorn-print pillowcase in a local opshop (thrift store), I couldn’t leave it there. And what a print! Unicorns, castles, stars, planets… It is gorgeous.

I have just used a simple Aline shape, and will be elasticising the waist. Every skirt needs at least one pocket, of course! The contrast fabric on the pocket I have had for at least twenty years, just a small remnant waiting in the stash. It’s a sweet little heart /patchwork print – cute. I wish I had turned the print upside down when doing the pocket lining though, so the hearts would have been upright when the top was folded over, facing out. Good learning for my next one.

It has been so much fun sewing for a girl! This may just be my new thing – sorry boys, no more hammerpants coming for a while 😉

How about you… Do you find yourself rescuing unloved pieces from opshops and giving them a new life?

Chat soon xx>


Whip up a market bag!

Got some sewing in last night (after the duelling laptop date with Mr Pickles – him studying, me working). A new market bag! This one was made from a vintage double Sheridan sheet I picked up for $1. It looks unimpressive in the photo, but once you start to fill this thing it suddenly becomes enormous! I love it – hope everyone else does too, this may just become my go-to home-sewn gift…

The tutorial’s here, via Whip Up and by the amazing Alexandra from Lola Nova.

The tutorial’s very simple, very clear, and the sewing EASY. Love it!

Back soon xx