Yaargh! Little turns five.

He’s not so little anymore. My Little had his fifth birthday party yesterday. His request for the party? A pirate dress up theme, and a pirate ship cake with a Lego pirate on top. 

Little in his pirate get-up

 Yaargh! Plenty of fun to be had at the party – musical statues (to a pirate music playlist, care of spotify), pin the patch on the parrot (local dollar store score), treasure hunt and pass the p-aargh-cel. 

We had a houseful of nearly twenty preschoolers… happy madness! 
The halfway to renovated living space got decked up for the occasion. 


But Little was most excited by the cake, a Women’s Weekly cake. Haha! I should have creamed the butter for longer! It was late. So we convinced each other that the chunks of butter in the icing was weathered boards… or crusty barnacles.



It was loads of fun, and so lovely to have old and new friends in the same place at the sane time.

Next cab off the rank? Super hero party for the Gherkin. But before that, there’s Little’s actual birthday (we’ve created this tradition involving a cake for the party and one for the actual birthday – madness). I’m thinking about a Lego cake…

Chat soon xx

Shake it off

Hi again!

Thanks for popping by, after my last post I wasn’t sure anyone would pop their head in again!

Anyhoo, as it would happen, I have been working on a secret stitchy project for a certain tween in my life. I’m not much of a stitcher, but I thought it was worth a try?

I hope it’s going to turn out okay. I’m only part way through, but it did occur to me after last post that perhaps I should take a bit of my own stitchy advice…

So, here I am. Last day of school holidays today, freezing, wet, boys now snuggling up to watch a movie in our temporary lounge room (Mr Pickles’ and my bedroom). Feeling okay about the assault on the senses that is coming tomorrow.

We have a terribly windy day at home today, and cold. I salute those of you who live in places with snow. Extremely grateful today that we ‘re just dealing with rain and wind – at least we don’t have to dig our way out in the morning.

Chat again soon,

Where did they go? A word about the school holidays.

No photo today. Just words. Night time cuddles and deep talks with my eldest tonight. We’re worn out. We need another school holidays, where we can sloth about at home, stay in our pjs all day, play lego, snap, draw, go for walks, bake, sew, chill out.

There are only four days of school holidays left and I am feeling robbed. Four more days and I have another ten weeks without this time to hang out with my very favourite six year old. I feel as though we have lost each other somehow. And the pressure of needing to be out of our home over these two weeks (due to renovations) has just compounded this feeling. I miss this kid. And I know he wonders where his fun loving mum has gone. Ugh. I want my school holidays back. I want to be able to lock out the builders and tell them to all go away and leave us be. Or run away, just the five of us, to somewhere we can just hang out, no pressures, no needing to be anywhere. Until school goes back. Then the builders can go back to causing havoc and chaos; and in the mix with school, preschool, daycare, work and football training we probably won’t even notice.

Tonight we had deep and meaningful chats, my big boy and me. We snuggled and chatted and he fell asleep on my lap, just like he used to, listening to my heart beat. I know he was listening my heart beat, because just before he fell asleep he was copying the sound, whispering: “pupoom pupoom”. I didn’t want to put him into his bed. I didn’t want to let him go.

So no photos today. But still some things worth recording. [Sigh.] Here’s to an upbeat mood drifting in with the fog tonight.

Chat soon xx

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Just popping my head in. So much news, but I’m writing this post from the passenger seat as we drive home from Easter celebrations, so I’ll keep it brief.


We’ve just had our first chocolate flavoured Easter, since The Gherkin was cleared of his nut anaphylaxis at RPA late last year.


I do feel like we’ve lost a bit of the real magic of Easter as it has become a bit chocolate-centric (even keeping chocolate to a minimum).


But perhaps my feeling about Easter has been a little influenced by this:

Or this:

Or this:

It’s renovation central here. No living space, no kitchen, no ceiling. It’s drafty, it’s cold, but it will be an amazing change for our little family.

So, I’m sorry for the quiet, but I’ve been working on a mammoth crafty project. I hope you and yours are well, and I’ll be back soon.


Yikes! It hasn’t been that long, has it?

Really? That long? Sorry. We’ve been a touch busy…

20150226-195153-71513590.jpg Daytripping,

20150226-195245-71565465.jpgScone baking,

20150226-195403-71643177.jpg Road tripping,

20150226-195446-71686686.jpg Baking successfully with yeast (!) (more on that another time),

20150226-195810-71890233.jpg Dress making,

20150226-195838-71918468.jpg Indulging,

20150226-195932-71972934.jpg And puddlejumping, of course!

Oh, and returning to school, washing uniforms, polishing permanently scuffed school shoes and packing lunch boxes every day. Ugh. Anyone else find the return to school hard?

Promise I’ll be back soon. Thanks for popping in,

So, I made a skirt!

Some of you may know that feeling as a mum when you get out of bed having had no sleep and just feel, well, bleurgh.

Sad as it may sound, that’s when I reach for some bright bangles, beads, nail polish, lipstick, or some fabric. And fake it. Yep, sometimes the day can be turned around by a quick sew and in this case, a new skirt.

So I a few days ago, feeling very, very bleurgh, I sewed. I confess, I cheated. I did that old trick of taking my hip measurement, using that as the width of the top of the skirt and then sketched an a-line shape going down from there on both sides, to the length I liked. No pattern sketches, just cut the fabric out ( x2 – front & back), sewed side seams, elastic casing, inserted elastic and hemmed. Voila! 20 minute skirt.

I bought this fabric from spotlight years ago to make a girlfriend a mermaid costume. I’m so thrilled I kept the leftover fabric. Wish I had a better photo! This fabric just makes me smile.

Better photos later. Promise.

Chat soon lovely people xx

Ps. Oh, and yes, it is summer in Australia. But not in the Southern Highlands. Foggy and cold here today – brrrr! xx

Taking mistakes and turning them into something good.

Hi there!

I made another crocheted basket the other day. It didn’t work out. Not sure what I was thinking about when I did it, but I definitely wasn’t counting stitches! The bottom was a mess. It was so bad, I didn’t even take any photos. A rare event in this place (that is, not taking a photo is rare! crafting mishaps are much less rare!)

Last night, in the midst of a declutter frenzy, I picked it up. Thought about throwing it in the bin, but I really loved that yarn. Thought about unravelling it and starting again, but my heart sank. Then i realised. Turn it upside down and Voila! Beanie.



A bit of a strange shape still, but the recipient doesn’t care. 24 degrees here and Baby’s still wearing his “special hat”. Love him.

Please tell me I’m not the only one resisting chucking crafty accidents in the bin?

Chat soon xx20150114-224454-81894367.jpg